Thursday, August 5, 2010

Oh, what do you do in the summertime, when all the world is green?

As we were loading the car up for our trip to Lake Powell, we got a phone call from my dad informing us that the houseboat was having some mechanical issues and we would not be able to stay on it when we got there. They would be camping. We decided that three days in the heat, three nights in a tent, and 12 hours of driving just wasn't what we had in mind for our summer vacation. So, we stayed at home and tried to do think of things to do in the summertime, when all the world is green, or when the prickly-pears are in bloom. We were bummed, to say the least. But, there is always next year!

I was trying to get a good shot of Olivia in her little predicament, and Aislee was saying "Cheese". I had to take a picture of her sweet smile!

Olivia's predicament. She did it to herself, I promise!

Poor, unfortunate soul!

We read a lot during our days at home.

The twins really like to "count" the ducks, the flowers, the turtles, and whatever else there is more than one of in a book.

We played in the water table too. I tried to get a shot of their diapers so everyone could see how much Huggies really can hold! Oh my goodness! They can hold a lot. There is a limit, and we discovered it, but, boy, they can hold a lot!

Olivia wanted to take a bath.

Buddies! It's amazing that they can both fit in their!

Ewan is standing up pretty well. He loves to bang on the music table.

We also colored a lot! The table got a new set of colors every time Olivia got a crayon.

He's just so happy to be more mobile. Oh, can't wait for him to walk!

Olivia, "Cheese!"

Olivia refused to get out of the pool. Daddy was close by to make sure she didn't move from the steps while I got kids in the stroller.

We swam in the pool to keep ourselves cool.


Paul plays the "shark"

We drove to Mesa on Saturday. I have a friend up there who was willing to watch the kids while Paul and I went to the Temple together. We are very grateful to Kamber and her fiance, Shane for giving us an opportunity to spend some time together. Congratulations Kamber (Porter) and Shane!

Ewan's a pretty good traveler.

We purchased the Heffalump movie for our trip to the Lake. It came in handy for the drive to Mesa.

We played on the couch and tried to get away from the baby. Olivia runs away from Ewan saying, "He bite you! He get you!" I should probably stop telling her that he's gonna get her and bite her little toes. I've also told them that the water in the water table has dirt and bugs so they won't drink it, and that ants/bugs on the sidewalk are going to bite their little toes off if they touch them. I'm a liar, I know! Boogers also have dirt and bugs, but I'm pretty sure that ones true!

We went to the park to swing. (or swing in the tree up high!)


The girls swinging


I was cleaning the kitchen after breakfast and before I got them dressed for the day. Aislee decided to change the dolls diaper.

Ewan's such a good little sitter, and he's so handsome!

We did some more driving around town to look at stuff we may purchase someday (something with a yard and a few more sq. feet!). Olivia wanted to hold Aislee's hand 'cause Paul and I hold hands in the car.


Hayley and Dave said...

Molly, you are one great mommy, I am always impressed, and you have three adorable kids!

Susan said...

Bummer on the vacation being canceled. But looks like you guys still had a lot of fun anyways. Good luck house hunting!

Jenni said...

What a bummer about the boat! But you sure do know how to survive the Arizona heat! How's your running going? We are doing 9 in the morning.