Saturday, June 26, 2010

Here's our update this week. We've been swimming and playing and nursing our baby dolls. It's been HOT and we feel like we're running out of indoor activities (okay, maybe just me!). Let's see...Paul and I played a musical number in Church a few Sundays ago. Paul is amazing at the piano. I'd really like to just sit and listen to him play every day, but we're not sure our neighbors would like it if we bought a piano. We don't enjoy their 4am DDR rehearsals, but whatever! Aislee and Olivia had come-a-parts when we went up, so we spent the rest of Sunday trying to calm them down and reassure them that we weren't going anywhere. So much for independence...we've got separation anxiety like nobody's business! Ewan is teething. He's getting his two bottom in this week. Other than rosy cheeks and a drippy nose, he's as pleasant as ever! He's starting to figure out that I may be somewhat important and gets a little nervous when I leave the room, but he seems to warm up to most people. I'm hoping to run the Cedar City Half-Marathon in September with my dad. I'm into my third week of real training and ran 7 miles today. Since I was up at 4:45am, I decided that we were going to go on a picnic for breakfast. I packed Bagels, yogurt, Kix, and milk, woke everyone up around 7:25am, and headed out the door. It was 90 by 8am. We got pretty warm playing at the park, and we were ready to come home by 8:30. Sorry, no pictures. That was something I forgot with all my packing! Blast!
Well, here are the latest pics.

Olivia has joined in with the nursing of the baby doll. Could this be a peek of the future? I hear twins usually have babies due around the same time. That'd be neat!

Ewan's new swimsuit and swim shirt.

Yes, I was splashing them. It was hot! I was trying to help!

Paul told me to smile.

Breakfast at the Burkinshaw household

Yogurt! YUMM-O

They walk better in my heels than I do!

I told you, they do this a lot!

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Susan said...

90 by 8 am? Yikes. And I've been whining about our 95s. At least it's still in the upper 70s in the morning here. For now, anyways.