Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer time and the livin's easy...!

We are surviving our second summer here in Tucson. It's HOT, but it's not too bad. We like going to the pool, eating Popsicle, and taking walks in the evenings. We look forward to the fall and winter!

I was trying to get a picture of all three of them in the tub that didn't show too much. This was the best I could do with them moving around so much!

Aislee's bed-head

He's rolling over in the tub now. He loves it!

On our way to the pool.

Yellow popsicles stain! These are slow-melting ones with a little bit of gelatin. Would not suggest for anyone else. They stain.

Olivia with her purple popsicle.

We go for drives to get out of the house. By 8am it's like 85 and too hot for us to go to the park. They have to have shoes on and their hair done.

Tired! oh, they were tired!

Aislee thinks she's the mom sometimes.

We watch a movie while we wind down from the day after dinner and baths. I think this was the Heffalump movie. Right now, we like UP.

Paul throwing Olivia.

Pretty good shot, I must say so.

Ewan floating away.

I'm neither as strong or as brave as Paul. Aislee doesn't mind!

Still floating around.

Swimming after their duck and frog.

Oh the day they'll be more independent...!



I've been trying new hair styles, besides a pony tail.

It works if I can get them to sit long enough.

Just watching our evening movie.

Kissing owies.

Just my happy kid.

Aislee the hair dresser





Before church

Our hike up Sabino Canyon. It was a nice morning, so we decided to take a hike up the canyon. The road is paved and there's a trolley that takes people up and back, but we decided to walk it. We didn't go the whole way. It's 3.7 miles up. I'd like to run it before I do the half-marathon in September.

Olivia taking her turn in the stroller with Ewan.

Aislee on daddy's shoulders

Aislee taking her turn with Ewan.

Olivia on daddy's shoulders.


Anderson Family said...

Love all the new hairstyles! I wish Kira would just let me put in a ponytail in this heat.

May Family said...

I love the braids. I'll have to try them on Alyssa. Such cute kids!!