Monday, August 24, 2009

Bath time and bed time...

We have taken a few pictures of bath time and bed/nap time. Hope you enjoy.

We just started doing bubbles. They're getting used to them and no longer try to eat the bubbles.

"I pity the fool...!"

Our little rocker babes!

Which way to the punk rock show?

Stake Conference kind of threw off our schedule. The girls were asleep before we pulled out of the parking lot.

Aislee liked trying on Paul's goggles.

Olivia wasn't too interested in the goggles, but they certainly messed up her hair!

Aislee grabbing for the goggles.

Paul was getting a movie ready and the girls were very anxious and tired! (excuse my rotundness. Only 12 more weeks!)


Katie said...

That sleeping picture is so cute! You can tell they're used to sleeping in crazy positions if they can sleep like that!

Aaron and Whitney Johnson said...

adorable pictures! and who said that quote you have on the right? i love it!