Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New Pictures

Just a quick update. The girls are growing and learning all sorts of new things. They like to climb on everything and climb into everything. They found the cupboard with the plastic containers. They can really make a mess with those. I'm just glad it's not the flour and sugar! We're trying sippy cups and regular meals. They're getting to be really good eaters at dinner. They like broccoli soup, enchiladas, potato salad and just about anything green. They're no longer crawlers. They want shoes on all the time. They will bring me a shoe and sit in my lap. I think they figure that if they have shoes on they can go somewhere. They're now in forward facing car seats. Car rides are much more pleasant! We recently took them to the park to kick the soccer ball around. They haven't really experienced grass much because it has been too hot to go anywhere. Let's just say, grass was not really a hit. They didn't mind walking on the grass. We had a few dramatic moments when we fell on the grass. The video was taken the day after their first encounter. Olivia was pretty hilarious!

Drinking a bottle and holding hands

Olivia experiencing grass for the first time with the soccer ball.

A little anxious for dinner

We've got ballas in the making

They've learned to climb in and out of the toy buckets

Aislee and the fort

Olivia and the fort

Paul built them a little fort while I was at a Scout meeting


I don't think that's where shorts go...

Whenever the door to their room is left open, we find them on the rocking chair. Olivia has mastered getting off the rocking chair without bonking her head.

Olivia and Aislee


Jenni K said...

That picture on the rocking chair is so cute!! I love their smiles.

That was so funny how she was freaked out about the grass!! She wouldn't touch it. Are things better now?

Ben and Camille said...

cute blog! i'm adding you guys to our list. we want to see these little girls and new baby! what a cute family.

The Skinners said...

i laughed SO hard when i watched the video. too funny! and you're making me want twins with all the pictures of them holding hands, posing together, sleeping in the same crib... i love it.

Ang & Brace said...

I haven't checked your blog forever! Your little girls are so darling...and they are growing up. Looks like life is great:)