Monday, September 21, 2009

The Days of Our Lives...

I was unloading the dishwasher so I could load it after Sunday dinner. Paul was supposed to keep the girls out of the kitchen, but he got a little distracted by a phone call. It's a good thing they don't weight very much.

Paul put a diaper cover on Aislee's head for a hat. She was walking around the house with a smile on her face, but Paul walked away from her. She decided to pout.

Olivia and her "wings"

Aislee and her "wings" and her penguin. (pardon the bruise, there was a much bigger boy at playgroup who wanted the ball)

Their hair is getting long everywhere except for the front. I'm afraid we're going to have mullets...!

I really don't know how they get into these positions!

They're beginning to climb a little bit. Olivia has learned that she can climb in between the TV and dvd player and just hang out.

Further updates...The girls are little people. They walk around the house and get into the cabinets. It's fun to watch them explore new things. They like belly-buttons and "piggies" and will tickle Paul's toes when he doesn't have socks on. They're learning how to "kiss" the baby by bonking their heads on my tummy with their mouths wide open. It's kinda cute.
Last week I had been feeling a lot of pressure and a few more braxton hicks than normal. I talked to my mom and she suggested that I get checked at my appointment on Friday. As I was telling the Nurse Practitioner what was going on, she assured me that in second pregnancies, especially if they're close together, it's normal to feel more pressure and braxton hicks, but she would check me anyway. I was dilated to a 1 and slightly efaced. She was a little nervous about the exam and told me to go into the OB triage on Saturday to get an FFN test (I had one with the twins). So, Paul and I left the girls with a friend and went to triage. The nurse there checked and said I was a 1+ and monitored the baby and me for a few minutes. I wasn't contracting and the baby's heartrate was "beautiful". So, I had another appointment this mornig to get the results of the test and to talk to my OB. The FFN came back negative, which means that I shouldn't go into labor in the next two weeks. However, I was still at a 1+, pretty soft, and measuring 3cms smaller than I was on Friday. Dr. Decker said that the baby's head was in my pelvis and he could feel it when he did the exam. I can tell that he's dropped (boy, do I have to go to the bathroom every five minutes!)! He siad to take it easy for the next couple of weeks and he would do another exam when I came in. The goal for him is to get me to 36 weeks. Our goal is to get to at least 37. So, my mom is coming down for a few days before the family takes a trip to Mexico so I don't have to lift so much. Paul is going to see if he can work from home for a little while, also. Paul and I think it may have been just a very busy week with ward activities, scouts, and not getting enough sleep. We're not anticipating anything happening in the next little while. We're not ready for this little guy to come yet. First of all, he needs a NAME before he can enter this world!


Burkinshaw Family said...

These are the sweetest almost year-old twins I know! We are really looking forward to getting to spend time with them, and an "unnamed" party, in November!

Nicki said...

Oh my! I wish I could see you. Your twins are adorable. Take care of yourself my dear Molly, don't overdo it! Love you!