Monday, August 24, 2009

Birthday Weekend

I'm sorry my last post wasn't very good. I wanted to get something up before our day got too busy and I forgot or didn't get a chance. Hopefully, this one is better. Our birthday weekend for the girls started Friday night. We had a few people over for cupcakes and ice cream. We would have done it Saturday, but we had Stake Conference this weekend. We didn't want to interfere with the adult session Saturday evening. Paul got home from work a little early on Friday to help me get things ready. We went to Wal-Mart and got the girls their "big girl" car seats. Yay! No more lugging around the carriers! We also got a few things for them to open since they've been getting a little bored with their toys. Around 6pm, the party started.

Aislee's last ride in the carrier

Olivia's last ride in the carrier.

Olivia doesn't mind the car seat.

Aislee on the other hand doesn't like the car seat or stroller...anything with a harness. But, she did want one shoe on and was fascinated by the cup holder.

Openning presents

Aislee trying to figure out what all the tissue paper was about.

Olivia liked the wrapping paper.

They got a Mrs. Potato Head. Now we have two to cut down on the fussing.

Getting ready to open presents.

Enjoying their cupcakes.

Our friends, Lauren and Keven Burns and Allison and her daughter Andelyn Bushman.

Sam and Lindsey Parish with their one year old, Elliot.

Paul helping the girls blow out the candles. (FunFetti!)

Being sung to.

Trey Bushman enjoyed our balloon pit.

Olivia giving Elliot a hug.

Elliot hugging Olivia.

We enjoyed visiting with our company and watching the girls interact with other kids. They were fascinated by the Bushman's baby. When I ask, "Where's the baby?" the girls will pat their chests or come and pat my tummy. I don't think they really understand, but it's a nice party trick.We're glad the Bushmans, Burns, Parishes, and Depews were able to come and celebrate with us. We're lucky to have met such nice people so quickly here to Tucson.

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