Monday, August 17, 2009

New toys, new house, new noises...!

We're finally in our three bedroom apartment! Paul's parents flew out Tuesday evening to help us move in on Wednesday. We had some help from a few of the guys in our ward. The guys moved the big stuff while Paul's mom packed and organized boxes and Alyssa and I kept babies from getting smashed. We have a lot more room! We have two patio areas and lots of windows. After we were a little more settled on Thursday, Paul's parents watched the girls so we could go to Mesa and have a real date. We checked into our hotel, went to Joe's Crab Shack (Paul ordered a hamburger...), and saw the new Harry Potter movie. The next morning, we slept in until 8:30. That's like more than three hours of extra sleep! We were able to attend an 11 o'clock session at the Mesa Temple and then headed home. It was nice to reconnect as a couple and recharge our batteries a little bit. It's been 11 months and three weeks since I've had a night without kids! It's nice to get back home and in the routine again. We really appreciate the opportunity to spend time together though. Thanks Mom and Dad!

Aislee is learning how to get taller by putting her feet on the bars between the chair legs. I know, my life is going to get a little busier when they start climbing...!

Grandma and Grandpa got them a "water table". They loved filling up their cups and then throwing them over the side.

Next time we'll do it in just diapers.

Olivia learned how to move mountains.

Grandma and Grandpa got them maracas. Our house is just a little noisier...!

Their favorite book right now is "Big Little". Grandpa must have read it over a dozen times in one sitting.

Grandma showed them how to blow the bubbles Aunt Jessica got them. These bubbles lasted FOREVER! They loved it!

4:30 am is pretty early! It took three hours, a bottle of milk and a bottle of apple juice for them to realize they were tired. I was tired too!

They sleep in some pretty odd positions.

Why did we get such a big crib?

They like their Cheerios.

Aislee making the "daddy" face. They've inherited Paul's facial expressions!

Making sure the other one is still there while drinking their apple juice.

This is my view for most of the day.

They love green beans! We can't cut them fast enough most nights. Green beans make for very interesting diapers the next day, however.

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The Finks said...

Molly your family is so dang cute. Being a mommy is a blast! yeah for babies!