Tuesday, February 28, 2012

These are the days of our lives...

Okay, my life really isn't much of a soap opera. Actually it's not in the slightest! And, I have to admit that I write posts in my head while I'm cleaning the house during nap time and neglect to upload my thoughts. Sorry. I should write my thoughts down. Sometimes, I think of really good posts about Gospel Principles and potty-training. Or, projects I have going like curtains and pillows and quiet books. Or, my thoughts on exercise, nutrition and overall health. But really, things just aren't super interesting! But, February has been a little busy. We're still adjusting to life without Dad around much. The week of Valentine's he was in the lab until midnight. He had late meetings almost everyday that week until 6:30 or 7, and homework. Honestly, we are tired! We experienced our first cases of ear infections ever. Poor Olivia, Elin and Aislee. :-( Aislee is currently on antibiotics for double ear infections that left her extremely nauseated. Who knew you throw up when you have bad infection? Not this Mom! We've also tried to let Mommy play some soccer on Wednesday nights. I might be ready to hang up my cleats until the kids need a coach. There have been a few incidences that are causing me to rethink playing in a coed league with individuals who feel they need to prove something by knocking down a girl. I'm currently suffering from a shoulder injury after a referee gave the "play-on" signal from a foul that landed me on my shoulder with a 200+lb man on top. It was one of many bumps and bruises during a particular game. I came home with scraped knees, a bruised left hand and wrist, a suspected separation of my ac joint of my left shoulder, scraped up right thigh, not to mention recovering from a broken toe caused by running into the night stand in the middle of the night. I'm starting to think that I'll just stick with running! Which I haven't been able to do much because my body aches...bah! Ewan is talking about "big boy underpants", but whenever I mention that he has to go on the toilet if he wants to wear them, he says "no thanks, Mommy". I don't think we're quite ready for that. We've been getting stellar reports from Nursery. I think we're done with the biting! Olivia and Aislee are becoming more interested in letters. They like to tell me the sounds to the letters in their names. Hopefully, reading is on the horizon! They're active and curious! Elin is walking! She's been doing it for a little over 2 weeks. She's getting pretty good, and loves being able to go wherever she wants. She doesn't really get into anything she's "not-supposed-to". At this point, our house is more kid-friendly than adult-friendly! I'm trying to decide on weaning her. She's a good nurser and eater, she just seems to be so busy and ready to move on. Any suggestions?  Paul is wrapping up his first class. He gets a week break, and then another 9 week course before he's off for the summer. This time next year will be a lot busier when he's doing his "thesis" class. I may end up hanging out in Utah for some of it! Here are some pictures.

One-handed cooking.

I think Ewan was taking this picture and Aislee was trying to get in the shot.

She's getting so big!

The fort that Ewan built.

Coloring. We do a lot of coloring.

And she's so happy!

He likes to color too. Ewan no longer eats the crayons. If we could just get Elin to stop eating the crayons!

We got an infant swing for Elin. Now everyone has a swing!

Paul and the older kids painted the shelves for the pantry.

They enjoyed taking a bubble bath and picking the paint off.

Ewan likes to pull a chair upto the counter when I'm making rolls and "help". He decided to taste the flour...Not really a YUMMO experience.

More helpers.

As you can see, Ewan can get up on his own too.

Elin carrying around crayons. I stick her pacifier in her mouth when the crayons are out to keep her from chewing on them. Somedays it works...

Lunch at the Burkinshaw house. They all wanted to sit by each other.

I just love this picture of her!

Aislee suffering on the couch with her ear infections. Every time I gave her tylenol or something other than apple juice, she threw up. She got a shot yesterday at the drs, and is feeling so much better!


Olivia, my pretty girl.


Anderson Family said...

Poor girls! We haven't had an ear infection here either, knock on wood. It sounds awful. Sorry that soccer isn't going well. If you didn't outplay fat men, they probably wouldn't try and rough you up. I gave up on playing softball with little kids. Too much with little ones and late games. That's why we RUN! Speaking of which, Sabino Canyon Sunset Run April 14th @ 5:45 PM. I need to do some pretraining first on that huge hill.

Jenni said...

I was wondering if Elin was walking!! What a big girl! I love your house Molly, why can't we find something like that here!!??

Kaycee said...

Love your posts. Those kiddos just keep getting cuter. Sad when they are sick, no fun for anyone!