Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mealtess February

Paul and I decided to try an experiment of going meatless for the month of February. We kept dairy and milk, because I don't think we could live without cheese. And, Bisquick needs milk and eggs...! It really wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be. We tried a few new recipes that were meatless. We ate a lot more vegetables and fruits. We already eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, I just added spinach to almost everything! Actually, we don't eat red meat to begin with. We have nothing against red meat, we just don't really like it. We use ground turkey for spaghetti, lasagna, and burgers, and chicken for everything else, but we don't eat meat at every meal. Sometimes, we have bacon, but I try to steer Paul towards turkey bacon. He says that it's just wrong to put turkey bacon on a turkey burger. Anyway, it really wasn't that hard, and I had a hard time going back to buying chicken at the grocery store at the first of March. I absolutely hate cutting raw chicken. I buy pre-trimmed chicken, but always have to trim it myself (to my own satisfaction). I really, really don't like doing it. I might go vegetarian just so I don't have to touch raw meat. Blah! We've only had chicken twice and turkey burgers once since we started eating meat again. We really like our turkey burgers. Maybe, we'll go meatless except for once a month when we have turkey burgers...Paul doesn't really like meat anyway. He just requested bacon every once in a while. We'll see if we do a meatless April. I've thought about trying to go Vegan, but it's a struggle to get kids to eat anything new sometimes. There are some really interesting recipes out there that I'd love to try! I think that if we were going to go completely vegetarian, we'd have to do it a little slower to get our kids used to the things that will be on their plate. I read studies in my nutrition classes in college that said that even if you don't "make" them eat the food, having it available will lead them to eventually trying it. I'm sure hoping for that. We try to eat pretty healthfully. We don't eat out very often, and we try not to buy a lot of processed things. I just wish they would try a bite of anything new! Anyone else have issues with their kids not eating? At what age do you have them try it, or they have to go to bed hungry? I really try not to make anything that's gross! Paul likes what I make. Elin and Ewan usually eat it...Maybe I just need to change my expectations...?


Anderson Family said...

We don't do red meat either and white meat maybe once or twice a week. I'm with you, I couldn't give up cheese, milk and eggs! I hate touching raw chicken, hence why I crockpot most chicken so I don't have to cut it to pieces. Glad that you guys were successful, even with picky eaters!

Jenni said...

I say why put a title on the way you eat? Just eat what you want to eat when you want! That way you aren't restricted, and can eat as you desire. You might go a few weeks without chicken, and then eat it two nights in a row! That's how we do it. I think moderation in everything is the answer :)

I have started buying the huge rotisserie chickens at Costco for $3.99 and picking all the meat off. You get 4-5 cups of shredded chicken which is enough for at least two meals!

Lindsey said...

Hunter has never been a big eater (or even a medium eater). Our Dr said to put something I know he'll eat with every meal and then always put the new foods on his plate no matter how many times he refuses it. He's still super picky but it has lead him try new things, even if it's just one bite. I have finally gotten to the point where if he doesn't eat dinner or want to try something I don't push it. He just wont get his eating dinner sticker. He's old enough now that he wont starve himself.