Wednesday, February 1, 2012


 So, I've been trying to upload a video for the last couple days with no avail. I'll just give a little recap of the month, and slip in some pictures.

Paul started classes a few weeks ago. We're adjusting to his new four 10s, early mornings, late evenings, and absence of Daddy. We're okay. We love the Saturdays and playing at the park while Daddy is home. Paul is enjoying his new learning opportunities. Olivia is doing well. She's adjusting to Sunbeams more. She loves to be outside jumping, swinging, digging, and running. She's always the first to start a new game of pretend-something. Olivia loves to have Elin sit by her at every meal, and she makes sure that Elin is getting anything and everything that she needs! Lately she's been a little more emotional about things. If she thinks that she might be a little bit in trouble, she sends herself to her room crying. I usually give her a few minutes to herself. Aislee is also doing well in Sunbeams. People often tell me that I have "busy" little girls. I know all too well how "busy" they are. They're always moving, always asking questions, always telling me a new story, always playing pretend something...they're busy. Aislee isn't as obsessed with the backyard. She likes to play, but somedays, she'd rather be inside building towers or pushing a stroller full of stuffed animals around the kitchen. She really likes watching Bob The Builder. I think she may end up being an engineer like her Dad. Ewan is all boy. It seems that everyone comments on how much of a boy he is. We're sure glad! He's into cars, trucks, swords, and dirt. If there's mud, he'll find it! He waits for Olivia to initiate backyard time, and then just follows her around digging, jumping, swinging, and running. We need to teach him the importance of a tissue...! Elin is getting bigger and bigger. She is on the brink of walking. She takes steps here and there. She crawls until she can find something to pull herself on and then walks around with it. She stands without using anything, but isn't quite steady enough to hold her own when a sibling comes by to hug her. She's a really good eater. She likes all sorts of things, and since she has tasted big-people food, she no longer enjoys baby food. Elin is all about craisens, bananas, noodles, rice, oranges, and pretty much anything Ewan wants to share with her. As for me, I'm good. Life as a stay-at-home mom is sometimes exhausting, and trying to keep up on laundry, toys, dishes, and dinner can get a little overwhelming, but I have really cute kids and a really cute and helpful husband. I've been able to run a little bit more and hope to increase my miles over the next few months. I really like running!  We're trying a new vegetarian meal plan for the month of February. Neither one of us are big meat eaters, so we decided to just cut it out and see how it goes. Any suggestions on recipes would be greatly appreciated! There's January! Here's to more posts in February...!
The biggest tower ever! Maybe not, but it's pretty good for little ones.
This is one of my closest friends, Jenni. We ran a 10 mile trail together in December. I jut haven't blogged about it. It was pretty hilly! I was kinda sore for a few days after. I got 1st in my age group, and 9th in the women's division.

There's our soon-to-be walker. She's just so happy to be mobile!

I was trying to get Ewan to smile with his eyes open. I had to take it before he closed them. We'll keep working on it!

Ewan got the camera and took a picture of me.
And then I had to take the camera 'cause he dropped it. (there's a reason why I haven't blogged camera is always hidden from children, and then I forget where it is!)
This was the 8.5 mile Pecan Grove run I did in November. I also have yet to blog about it. It was pretty good. Elin sure was happy to see me finish! She was starving!


Jenni said...

Look at Elin!! My goodness she looks so grown up! I love your cardigan you have on... looks super cute!

Jamie said...

You're such an amazing mom, and cute family!

Lizzie N said...

you go girl! i need to get going with the races. you inspire me! i just keep putting running one since mackenzie because i dont want to pay to run a race really slow : ) your kids are so stinkin cute! i still can't believe you have 4 adorable babies now!

Lizzie N said...

*putting off

Laurel said...

you all look so great. love reading your posts.