Sunday, June 21, 2009

Life in a Box

Okay, we don't really feel like we live in a box even though we don't get out much these days. But, we have been playing in the toy box quite a bit lately. We don't have anything too exciting to report this week. We got a double jogging stroller this weekend and can't wait to use it! However, it doesn't quite fit in the car all put together. Our next big purchase will be a minivan! Yea! We have been trying to get the girls to sleep longer in the mornings. They have been waking up around 4:30 or 5, which was making my day really long. We found that if we let them "cry-it-out" for a few minutes, they usually fall back to sleep until 6:30 or 7. On Saturday morning we went in to get them up so we could play some tennis and run a little. This is what we found. Paul has gone in a few times in the middle of the night to check on them and says that they're usually sleeping right next to each when he checks. Maybe we could win a picture contest or something... Here are a few pictures of our week. We hope you enjoy.

Olivia fell asleep after drinking a bottle and she wouldn't let go.

Aislee in the box

Olivia in the box

Taking a nap in the afternoon. They always have to be touching.

Aislee fell asleep at dinner.

Happy Fathers Day!


The Eve's said...

Haha! Those pictures are so cute! We miss you guys! Happy Father's Day, Paul!

Jenni K said...

Awwww. They are so sweet!

The Skinners said...

so cute!! i love that they are always touching - i can't wait for grace to be old enough to play with madison.

Hayley and Dave said...

they are so darn cute! I love the pictures asleep!

Arianne said...

You should enter those pictures!