Monday, June 8, 2009

Airzona to Oklahoma to Arizona

For Memorial Day weekend, we flew to Oklahoma to spend some time with Paul's family. His younger sister, Jenny was graduating from high school and his older brother, John was had come into town. We figured it would be one of our only opportunities to fly with two lap babies, and we found pretty cheap tickets. The plane ride wasn't so bad on the way out. The girls slept for an hour of it. However, with a two hour trip to the Phoenix airport, an hour wait for our flight, and a two and a half hour flight, we were glad to see the lights of Tulsa! We arrived Wednesday evening and spent Thursday sleeping in (since 5am in Tucson is 7am in Oklahoma) and crawling all over Grandma's house. Paul and I were able to go on a date to the new Wolverine movie while Grandma and Grandpa gave the girls baths and put them to bed. Friday, we took pictures at Jenny's graduation and played with our cousins; Benson, Grace and Sabrina. On Saturday, Aunt Emily had a babyshower and Daddy took the girls with Grandpa, the cousins, and the Uncles to the park and McDonald's while I got to spend adult time with the ladies. The shower was wonderful. I kinda hope we're having a boy after seeing all the cute little boy outfits. Sam will be a very well-dressed baby! Later that afternoon, we all went to The Night At The Museum 2. The girls aren't really into movies just yet, and we had two very messy diapers! But, the movie was cute and it's always nice to get out of the house. I think the girls have inherited my "people watching" habit. We attended Paul's parents' ward on Sunday and got to see a lot of familiar faces and visit with old friends. Monday we played with Aunt Jenny and Aunt Sarah and Grandpa. Tuesday afternoon we flew back to Tucson. The return flight wasn't as good as our first, but we had a long week and we're glad to be back home. The weekend was a lot of fun. The girls got to try all sorts of new foods. Grandpa fed them oranges, pancakes, bananas, and anything else we would eat. We got tossed in the air by Daddy and John, and got to crawl all over Benson, Grace and Sabrina. We hope they come and visit soon!

Aislee giving Sabrina a kiss

Aunt Sarah and Olivia

Olivia eating fruit

Olivia in "the bucket"

Crawling in the dining room

Emily's Shower

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Leslie said...

It sounds like you had a great trip. I'm sad we missed seeing you while you were here. We were visiting family in Utah.