Monday, June 15, 2009

Just pictures and video

Here are a few pictures of our latest endeavors. The girls are getting better at standing and climbing. They love dinner time. We took a trolley up Sabino Canyon this past Saturday and hiked down. It's a pretty nice hike and we're told during the wet-season there are some nice waterfalls. We're trying to go to the pool more often to get the girls used to the water before Lake Powell at the end of July. They really like "rolling" balls with Daddy. Maybe they'll be goalies...

Ready for Church (they're getting awfully drooly)

Olivia hiking Sabino Canyon

Aislee in the pouch up Sabino Canyon

Aislee loves spaghetti

Olivia heading to the tub after dinner

New swimsuits

Laying with Daddy

Aislee's "hat"

Ballers in the making!


Burkinshaw Family said...

What cute babies! It looks like Olivia has caught up to Aislee's "robust" eating habits. When Paul was little, he liked rolling the ball also - and the girls sound just like Jenny in the goalie position!!

Jenni K said...

I love the ruffle-bum swimsuits! those are my favorite!

Jessica said...

Benson, Grace, and Sabrina think the ball video is hilarious! What talented girls, I see big things in their futures!

Jessica said...

Why is it that in these pictures it is so easy for me to tell them apart, but in all the pictures I take I don't have a clue!?!