Friday, May 16, 2008

Paul's Birthday!

Paul turned 24 on May 8th! Yea! We didn't do a whole lot because it was on a weeknight. His new soccer cleats came a few days earlier. I think they're pretty awesome. He had a soccer game where he scored and they won! We had breakfast casserole for dinner and FunFetti cake. We also got him a bike so he can ride to class and I can sleep in (I'm told we'll save money on gas, too!). On Friday, we went to 10,000 BC and Cafe Rio for dinner. We're planning on going to the new Chronicles movie when it comes out. I feel bad that we didn't do more, but it had been a rough week. Maybe next year will be a little more eventful with some "Happy Birthday Daddy" cards!

We went to Cedar City for Mother's Day. My mom was speaking in Church and wanted her mom to come down. Paul drove Grandma's little red sports car while Arianne's oldest, Anderson told us about his mountain climbing adventures with deer and beavers. He's a pretty imaginative kid at 3. My mom got me the WillowTree figuring holding a baby. She said she looked for twins, but they didn't have any baby twins. Paul got me the pregnant figuring and said he couldn't find the twin one either (he measured the pregnant figurings' bellies and they were all the same size!). We had a good visit with the 'rents and brothers. They can't wait for Paul to come down when it's not Sunday so he can play soccer.

Paul felt the babies kick a few nights ago. We've been able to feel them move a lot more. We've learned that if I drink something sweet like koolaid or apple juice and then wait a few minutes, they kick all over the place. I've been trying to sleep on my sides more. I hear sleeping on my back isn't the best thing. If I'm on my right side for a while and then switch the my left, I can feel Ailsee move across my stomach. It's pretty neat to know that there's actually something there and not just my protruding abdomen! Just fifteen more weeks (-ish)...!

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