Thursday, May 1, 2008


I finally graduated! I'm pretty excited to be done. Paul says that I've been done long before graduation...I didn't really go to class all that often this semester. Oh well. I still graduated! Paul's parents were out for his sister, Kathleen's graduation. And, my parents came up from Cedar City. When I went to pick my cap and gown up, they told me that they lost mine. They threw some stuff together (not everything in the package) and I left. I was a little disappointed. I was only wearing the cap and gown because my mom told me I needed to. Otherwise, I would have sat with those not in a gown. It was pretty chilly and even started to snow a little bit while we were outside getting ready to walk in. it's in times like these that I am grateful for nylons! Elder Bednar spoke. It was good and not too long. Afterwards, Arianne's family came out for pizza and brownies at Paul's grandma's house. We had a good time. I got to spend some time with my parents the next morning while Paul helped Kathleen and Bryce move out of their apartment. Overall, it was a good visit.

I know, I know. I need to post pictures with my posts. We don't have the internet at our apartment and the times I get to use a computer, I'm usually waiting for Paul to get his homework done in the engineering building (Paul's second home, or is it first and our home is his second?), without the jump drive or any pictures. I promise to scan the new ultrasound pictures and put some "belly-shots" on the jump drive. I must place caution with the pictures of my belly; it is huge! You may even think I'm carrying three and not two...!

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