Sunday, March 27, 2011

Unsuccessful and eventful

So, the picturing loading thing has been slightly unsuccessful...well, actually we've been kind of busy and we just haven't gotten around to it. Paul has been working hard to get the trampoline hole ready for the trampoline. It has been purchased, delivered, and put together. The hole is complete, and Paul is working on laying the cinder blocks. We cannot wait! We had visitors from Cedar City two weeks ago. Uncle Rand and Uncle Kett came for a Spring Break visit. Rand was a lot of help digging the hole. I think he got kinda bored with me. He would take his ipod and head to the backyard. Kett entertained the kids. We went to the Zoo, the park, and the pool. It was fun to have visitors, and we hope they enjoyed their time enough to come back again. We look forward to having the rest of the "Uncles" and Grandma and Grandpa Einfeldt down for Spring Break in April. While the Uncles were here, I went to Mesa for my college roommate's baby shower. I was her bridesmaid in 2006 just before Paul and I got engaged. She's moving back to Mesa from Texas after her and her husband graduate from Dental School. It'll be fun having her a little closer. She is also due a month after me, so having babies close together will give us an excuse for play-dates.
This past week I hosted preschool at our house. We learned about the letters "R" and "S". On Tuesday we Read Little Red Riding Hood, Ran, colored Rainbows and Racecars, ate Rabbit food (carrots and celery), had cRaisens and Rainbow cookies, ate on Rabbit plates and a Red table cloth. On Thursday we Sang Silly Songs, played with fake Spiders and Snakes, colored Stars and Snakes, ate Snickerdoodles and Sharks and Skittles while watching Sesame Street. This was my last time hosting because the next time I would be hosting is the week before the baby's due. We've really enjoyed having friends over and learning how to share and listen.
Paul spent most of the weekend perfecting the hole, gathering supplies, and starting the wall. I made him stop on Friday so we could go on a much needed date to the Olive Garden and Lowe's. The kids made him stop on Saturday for a picnic at the park and bubbles. I made him stop again that evening to take me to Emergency Room. Yeah, I know...again Molly? Bah! I was getting the kids out of the tub when I had another heart issue. I tried all the things they tell you to get it to come back down. After getting the kids dressed and watching a Shaun the Sheep, I laid on the couch to relax. By then Paul had gotten out of the shower, he noticed that I wasn't my play-on-the-floor self. He buzzed around getting the kids in the car to go for a "drive" while I tried more maneuvers to get my heart rate to normalize. When I determined that I could not get it to go down on my own, I headed to the car where the kids were watching the Incredibles. We called neighbor friends who had watched the kids the night before for our date, and they said they would do it again (we owe them BIG). We drove 45 minutes to the nearest ER. When we got there, they were gonna send me to Labor and Delivery because I am obviously ginormously pregnant, but after telling them I wasn't in labor, they determined that someone with a heart rate of 240bmp and almost 35 weeks pregnant was of "up most importance". It took them a while to figure out where to put me. The nurse in charge of the area they put me was having a rough night and kinda yelled at the person who brought me in for bringing a pregnant lady into her area, and that she was too busy to deal with me. It must have been a busy night for her. They finally got me to a bed, got me all hooked up, the doctor came to talk to me and determined that I knew more about what was happening than he did. By this time, Paul was pacing in the waiting room and I was getting a little panicked with the doctor and the nurse who had little knowledge about what was going on. The nurse almost gave me the wrong medicine...yeah, kinda scary. They finally let Paul back, and gave me the right medicine. The third time around isn't as scary...but I'd rather not have to go through this again during this pregnancy. I think my limit is once a pregnancy. My heart restarted, they gave me some fluid, watched me for a couple hours, did a doppler on the baby, and discharged me without further instruction. We'll see if I get any phone calls on Monday from my OB or Cardiologist. I was a little disappointed that the doctor didn't come back in and talk to me. I'm really fine. A little tired...but fine and anxiously awaiting this baby's coming. We got back just as Aislee had finally fallen asleep. Ewan had been asleep for a while, and Olivia was fighting with all her might to stay awake. Once we got home, it didn't take them long to crash. Paul helped me clean the kitchen since we left in such a hurry. We were a little tired too. I was able to sleep in this morning until 8:45a, (thank you Paul!) and lounged about in m PJs until noon. When it happened with the twins, I went into labor two days later, so we're taking things kinda slow, timing contractions, and drinking lots of water. Paul is a good, good husband and father. I hope I didn't scare him too much, even though I know the idea of being a 26 year old widower with four children under the age of three probably crossed his mind a few times last night.


Jenni said...

Molly! Again??! I'm so sorry this keeps happening...but at least you are informed what is going on! Did you get my e-mail with the picture from the shower? I was so glad you were able to come! And of course we have PLENTY of reason to meet up for some play dates. I'm so excited!

The Clark's said...

I'm glad everything is ok! That sounds so scary! Let me know if you need anything!

Susan said...

Glad everything's okay! Good luck with these last few weeks.

Jamie said...

I'm glad that you and the baby are ok! I'm sorry that you had to go through all of that!