Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Short and Sweet

I've been a pretty bad blogger these last couple of weeks. My computer, which is now seven years old, has lost the ability to get recharged. Sad, I know. I haven't been able to load pictures onto Paul's computer successfully, and I haven't really taken very many. Sorry. But, I will do a quick update anyway, and then get some pictures up hopefully this weekend. We'll start with the kiddos. They have recovered well from their sickness. They caught a little cold, but nothing really slows them down. We've been trying to spend a little more time outside to wear them out and the weather has been fantastic! I cannot wait to have a functional backyard! Olivia is approaching the "potty-train" by requesting to sit on it right before bed and when she wakes up. Most of the time nothing really happens, but she's interested. Aislee has shown interest only when Olivia does. We talk about the fact that they can only wear underpants when they've kept their diapers dry for a while. I'm not pushing it, and right now diapers are pretty slick (easy) since they know where they need to go to get changed, and all three of them have messies within 10 minutes of each other. Olivia is in-love with dogs! One of the moms in our preschool has two dogs, and Olivia cannot get enough of Jared and Layla. When I come to get her, she tells me that they are her dogs. One of the other little guys let's me know that NO, they're not her dogs. Aislee has figured out how to turn on and off all the lights and fans. She has also learned to turn their alarm clock off. If we could just get her to stay in her room until her alarm clock goes off...! They're both very excited for the new baby, and often yell, "get out!" "come play" and "my baby!" at my tummy. Ewan is...Ewan. He's figuring out that biting doesn't get him a whole lot but not nice looks from Mommy. He's a little book-worm and loves to be read to for nap time and bed time. He really likes yogurt and salmon (not together). He would spend all day outside with Dad if he could. He likes to give my tummy kisses and hugs. He's very good at hugging and cuddling. He really needs a brother someday so he won't think hair bows, pink tights, and baby strollers are normal. He gets pretty bummed when I'm putting Sunday dresses on the girls and have to tell him that he is a boy. Paul is staying busy with backyard planning, work, and keeping me as unstressed as possible. He's been very good at baths, dishes, floor playing, and toy room pick up. He doesn't like me reminding him how long (short) we have until the baby comes. As for me, bending over is a little more uncomfortable. Not being able to get close to the counter has made washing dishes, wiping counters, and cooking a little more difficult. My shirt always seems to get pretty wet after doing the dishes and I'm amazed at the things that I rub up against. I really shouldn't be surprised at any of this...I believe I was much bigger while carrying twins, but I could be mistaken! The last ultrasound indicated that this baby  is growing very well. Everything looks good and right on schedule. I'm hoping for a week and a half early...hoping!
I hope to get pictures on as soon as I figure it all out. Maybe I can convince Paul that I need a new laptop for our Anniversary...

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Jenni said...

ugh...technology can be so frustrating sometimes! I can't believe your laptop has been so reliable until now...I even remember what it looks like! You need to post some belly pictures, so I know I'm not the only huge one around here!

I was stir frying vegetables in olive oil yesterday, and some of the oil got really hot and I guess my tummy was sticking out and it got burned! I need to make sure it is covered at all times now!