Sunday, September 12, 2010

It's been a while

Ewan doesn't really enjoy this, but the twins do. They love to stick the foamy bath toys onto his back. It's pretty funny.
Aislee is reading a really good book. Check out the title (my mom wrote it).
It was a warm afternoon and we needed Popsicles. Ewan thoroughly enjoyed them.
We also played around with the water table. This is the first time I've let Ewan participate. He was a much happier camper than before.
Just chillin' in their diapers.
He's just so happy!
This is why vacuums were invented! They like popcorn, but it's really hard to keep them from dumping it on the floor. They also think it's pretty cool how the vacuum makes it disappear!
More popcorn.
Paul put Ewan in the stroller. Aislee (my little mother) spent most of the morning pushing him around. He enjoyed it until she made a sharp turn.
Olivia wanted in on the action!
I'm glad he's easy-going. He really has to be with his crazy older sisters.
This is Aislee in her element. She wakes up and goes right for the blocks. I think she may be our little engineer.

The last couple weeks have gone by pretty fast. We've been pretty busy with lots of stuff and making lots of scary, life-changing decisions. But, we're adults right? And, it's about time! Anyway, we've been driving back and forth from our newest purchase, cruising Lowe's, and contemplating what life is going to bring. We're also looking forward to going to Utah this week to see family, run a race, and relax (sorta). Paul will be driving up with me on Thursday. My race is on Saturday. He flies home Monday. I'm staying for a wedding the next week. His parents will be in Utah and are going to drive back to Tucson with me. Hopefully, Paul will have everything packed and moved. He can get a lot more done while I'm gone than if I were home, with everybody.


The Eve's said...

Cute pictures! Such an exciting time! Good luck in your race and have fun in Utah!

Kathy said...

Hope you have a wonderful trip. By the way, where are you moving to?

Shaun&JamieWarby said...

Hey! You have such a cute little family! I hope you are doing well!