Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The house that...Lennar built!

Things happen pretty quick, we've decided. We started really looking for a house about a month and a half ago. We've been looking online for months, but we got together with a Realtor to look at homes. I've had my favorite for several months, but it has a lot of financial issues, so we decided to let it go. Our Realtor took us to some homes we'd seen online with a little more yard than most. We really liked them. They're being built and will be done in the middle of this month. We chose one we really liked, and started the process of really looking at it. Soon, we had made an offer and signed our lives away. Yes, we signed our lives away for the next thirty years. How scary is that?!? After a few cranberry juice floats for Paul and box of chewy candy for me, we're okay. This house is brand new, sits on a 1/3 an acre and is 25 mins closer to work! We're very excited! It's officially ours. We got the keys yesterday. Well, Paul got the keys. I'm still in Utah.

Here's the view from the back porch
It's on the corner lot.
View to the southeast corner from the porch.

Garage view. 3 car garage for all of Paul's tools and such...!

Master garden tub.

Master Shower.

His and Her vanities.

Master bedroom has a door to the backyard.

Aislee in the first bedroom closest to the master.

The third bedroom.

Kids' bathroom.

Hallway view from the fourth bedroom.

Fourth bedroom at the front of the house.

View of the hallway from the first bedroom.

Great room.

View of the great room from the front entry.

More great room from the formal dining room which we will not use as such..

Girls playing in the bonus room off the kitchen.

View from the bonus room to the kitchen. We'll use it as a play room.

Bonus room from the kitchen.

Eat-in kitchen.


Utility room.

My stove. Pretty awesome.

Kitchen from utility room.

Sink and dishwasher

View of kitchen from eating area.

My favorite part of the house.


Susan said...

Looks great! Congrats!

Jenni said...

So exciting! Congratulations!

Lindsay said...

It looks beautiful! It was fun to see you last weekend. I'm so glad that Paul did all the packing for you. :)

Nicki said...

Molly it's BEAUTIFUL!! I bet you are soooo excited for the space!

The Eve's said...

I'm so excited for you guys! Can't wait until I get to come see it in person!

Ashley said...

Congratulations! Looks like tons of space. All that time in an apartment will prove well worth it.