Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Olivia Christine

Since I'm not creative and am always looking for blog ideas, my friend Holly gave me the idea of posting about my twins and talking about how to tell them apart and how they are different. We will start with "Baby A", Olivia Christine.

Olivia (Livi, Liver Spot, Livage, Olive Oil) loves to be outside. She loves flowers, rocks and dogs. Her favorite thing to do is pick up the biggest rock she can carry and walk around with it, all day.

Livi loves potato heads and blocks. She could sit for hours making new potato heads and building towers. She actually does sit for hours making those things.

She loves babies, especially her little brother, Ewan. Lately, she's been trying to pick him up. He weighs around 17lbs while she is only 23lbs. She doesn't accomplish much but frustration and the occasional tear.

Olivia likes to have her hair done. She knows that she can't go outside unless her hair is combed. She'll say "Walk. Bow. Outside" She has to have a bow in her hair if she wants to go for a walk outside.

These are her sleepy toys. Actually, hers is the grey wolf. Aislee's is the monkey, but somehow, Olivia ends up with both. They're usually in the crib for naps and bed, but sometimes Mommy is a push-over and lets her take them to breakfast. They have to sit on the floor and watch the girls eat once food is on the tray, though.

I tell them that they're princesses all the time. Olivia would take their toy necklaces and put them on her head so she could be a princess.

Olivia is definitely my Thing 1. Any opportunity to get into something she's probably not supposed to get into, she's there! with a smile!

Olivia is very friendly. She'll go to just about any woman, and takes a little while to ease upto men. Our friend Briggs now has a beard and it takes her a little while to go to him.

For differences, Olivia has a birthmark on her right hip. That's why Aunt Sarah calls her Liver Spot. She also has a freckle on her left thigh, and weighs about 2lbs less than Aislee. They're pretty different in their mannerisms. It doesn't take long to tell them apart once you've been around them for a little while. Olivia has her own "tricks". She says, "Owwoooo" for a wolf, makes fishy faces, can do "westside" with her fingers (not on purpose, she just makes her fingers do that), she says, "Oh, no. Oh, no" quite frequently, Olivia does not like fruit unless it's a green apple, and she loves broccoli.

Olivia was born at 6:05am August 22nd. She weighed 4lbs 3oz. She's growing and learning and just a joy for our family.

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