Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Aislee Maureen

Aislee Maureen "Baby B" (aka Aser, Aislee Paisley, Aser Taser) was born at 6:47am on August 22nd. She weighed 5lbs 2oz and is still just growing and figuring out the world.

Besides the size difference, Aislee has a freckle on her left-upper tukus (bum). Her hair isn't quite as thick in the back, but just as long. She eats fruit, most of the time. She loves green beans and peas and goldfish crackers. She'll tell me if I'm singing the wrong song until I get to the one she wants to hear. She frequently has a bruise on her head from bumping into something. Aislee has an obsession with phones, but what toddler doesn't. She'll walk around the house talking on the remote and laughing. She's very good at fake laughing, or I really am as funny as I think I am. She knows she has to have shoes and socks on for walks and says, "Sock, shoe, walk!"

She was the bigger of the twins and has always been just a little bit bigger. It's hard to say she was "chubbier" because at 4 and 5 lbs, you're not really chubby! She's still not chubby at all, just 2lbs bigger.

Aislee is willing to try anything once. She will put on the glasses, wear the hat, try on the shoes, and dance in the dress.

However, Aislee is our "slow-to-warm" child. She gets nervous around strangers and will cling to Paul or me in public. While going for walks, we sometimes have a problem with the twins going in opposite directions, but Paul has learned to follow Olivia and Aislee will follow him.

She loves Ewan's carseat, maybe because it was once hers (or Olivia's). Anytime it's out and she notices, she is in it or putting her babies in or trying to get Ewan out of it!

Aislee is my "little mother". She sits by me/on me while I nurse and will set herself up with my nursing bib, pillow and her doll when I'm not using them.

Exhibit A

She loves to carry a baby doll around with a diaper bag. Aislee always wants me to put real diapers and a sippy in her bag. She also quite enjoys Ewan. She loves to give him very wet kisses (we're trying to get rid of her tongue being out for every kiss), and pat him on the head and tummy. He likes the attention, for a while.

We sing a lot of songs throughout the day. One of our favorites is "If You're Happy and You Know it". Here she is singing "Your face will surely show it."

This is a classic Aislee. She has inherited my grace (sorry, kid!). She bumps, trips, bangs, pinches and slams whatever she can. We've been giving a lot of kisses to make things better at this house!

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Ashley said...

This was a fantastic post suggestion by your friend! Often when viewing your pictures on facebook, I've asked myself how you can tell the twins apart. It's all very interested and I think you're amazing to not only have twins but to have three little ones at home with you! I'm still getting used to one.