Friday, December 5, 2008

The Invasion

The other day, while I was out of town, something very strange happened. Molly put the girls to bed as usual and went to sleep. The girls apparently slept the whole night, because Molly didn't wake up at all. I say apparently because, well...this is what the girls looked like when they woke up:

Abducted by aliens? Perhaps, but all we really know is that they are much more interesting to talk to these days.

I'm joking of course. They were doing some research on 3-month old babies at BYU, and Molly graciously took them in to participate (on Wednesday). These pictures were taken after the "tests" that were done, which is why they aren't screaming. I really can't tell the difference between them in these pictures, but Molly told me that Olivia is in the close-up. The spit bubble isn't a result of what they did to her, she generates those all the time on her own. Talented baby.


Dana and Michael said...

That is the cutest beany I have ever seen!! It was good seeing you on sunday!!! Love ya!

Miss B said...

Ahhhh! They are too cute, and getting big.