Friday, March 8, 2013

We're still alive!

I know! It's been a long time since I posted...! We've been kind of going a little crazy here! We'll do a month-to-month recap.
 January: We got home from Oklahoma. Paul started his project class. We received an email from his professors stating that they should let their family and friends know that they will be very busy this semester (thanks for the heads-up!) I started training for a half-marathon, and Paul started toying with the idea of training for the Tough-Mudder. The kids all got bigger...They're always getting bigger!
February: Paul got busier with his project. He had meetings every Tuesday evening, and usually stayed late at work on Thursdays and Fridays to work on stuff. He also went to the library on Saturdays to do more homework. I ran 11 miles one saturday, and then fifteen another saturday to prepare for my race. I was kind of tired. Ewan and Elin had well-child checks without shots! They're both doing just fine. Olivia and Aislee enjoyed having playdates with friends, doing pages in workbooks, playing outside, and getting Barbie Dolls for Valentines Day. Paul had an accident while training for his race and got eight stitches. Ewan got to accompany him to Urgent Care and watch. He thought it was pretty cool! We all went up to Mesa for Paul's Tough-Mudder. While he ran, we hung out at my friend, Kamber's house and played outside. Paul had a good time with all the guys, but doesn't want to swim through cold water while being shocked by wires again...! Paul's been playing the organ for the past 7 weeks. Molly spoke in sacrament meeting one of those weeks. It kind of felt like the Burkinshaw Show as we juggled kids. I don't think they'll be asking us to speak again for a while, or perform any musical numbers!
March: So far...Elin has learned to climb onto the counter in the bathroom and get drinks. At least she's not drinking from the toilet, right? Olivia and Aislee are talking about getting a boyfriend when they're 18. I don't think they realize that's 14 years away;) Ewan got his first black eye while brushing his teeth. It was a bummer, but he's fine. Paul completed his 50 page paper that he was the project head for! We are all glad that one is over. It was a very long week! I ran my half-marathon and placed 5th in my age group, and was #168 of 2500 runners. Glad it's over!

Funny thing happened today while we were having a playdate. Ewan was in time-out for being a little too physical. I was getting lunch ready, and he kept calling for me. I was kind of ignoring him since his timer hadn't gone off yet. He left time out to go potty, but didn't quite make it. So, he comes running into the kitchen without his underpants on. I asked, "Where are you unders, buddy?" He said, "They're all wet, and I need your help." I then see Olivia running towards the bathroom, and then hear her slip and fall! She yells, "Ewan! I slipped on your potty and now my pants are all wet!" I was gonna die laughing. We cleaned it all up, changed everyone's pants and proceeded with our day. Never a dull moment!

Elin's been talking up a storm. The older kids often comment that Elin says funny words. That she does. She makes jokes and laughs hysterically at herself. She tattles on Ewan when he's trying to give her a hug (more like wrapping his arms around her head and squeezing...) saying, "Ewan hurted my feelings." She's a little bit of a hoarder. Whenever we're getting ready to go anywhere, she grabs everything and anything attempting to bring it along, and then gets quite frustrated when nothing stays in her arms. We love her!

Ewan misses his Daddy. He has been telling me all the things that they're going to do when Daddy gets home. Somedays, he won't let me help him get dressed or go to the bathroom because Daddy will help him when he gets home...makes for a long day. Ewan really likes to be outside and asks all day if he can go outside. I'm usually fine with them just playing, but when I need to have them in the house, it takes me forever to get him to come! He's really into helping me cook lately. It doesn't matter what I'm doing, he wants to be right on the counter doing it. His favorite thing to help with is pizza because I let him roll out his own. He's my favorite Ewan ever!

Aislee loves to build. I told them a story of when I was growing up and how my brothers would knock over my Barbie houses and I would get so angry. My mom would tell me that it gave me an opportunity to make an even better one. Aislee got quite upset that the Uncles would do something like that. She now wants to make Barbie houses all the time. I don't think the story's message got where it was supposed to go. She's very helpful, and can't wait to be big enough to do all the things her older friends do. Aislee talks about school, and playing and dancing. She loves to create a stage anywhere and put on a fantastic dance while listening to Backyardigans Pandora. I think 5 is going to be a big year for her!

Olivia is extremely focused. She can color for hours, and she finishes her workbook pages fairly quickly. It's nice in some ways, but when we need to move on from something, it can be very difficult. As Paul was getting ready for our trip up to Mesa for the race, he was getting our temple bags packed. Olivia was watching and excitedly asked if we were going to the temple. Paul answered, "Yes!" and she started jumping up and down and talking about how we were going to bring home another baby. She was very excited! Paul had to then explain to her that we don't go to the temple for babies. Olivia was in tears that she wasn't going to meet the new baby when we got home. We sure do love her and her enthusiasm!

Well, that's it for now. I have a lot of pictures on my phone and will get them off shortly.


Maureen said...

love it!

Jenni said...

Congrats on your half marathon! Love the slipping story, and the temple/baby story. Too cute!!