Monday, December 10, 2012


Paul never updates the blog and since I'm having issues uploaded pictures and what not, I'm going to use his profile for a while (curse you blogger!). SO, here are the pictures from Thanksgiving.
Joel and Coy playing King of the Rock

Olivia loved Uncle Rand because he would carry her everywhere!

And Ewan loved Grandpa Tim. He got shoulder rides and hugs.

Joel climbed up this steep part of the trail...he kind of slid down.

Attempts at pictures.

The six boys being...the six boys!

Checking out any bug on the trail. The girls are seriously obsessed with butterflies!

Mom and Dad with Jace "photo bombing"

Elin getting a good grip and Daddy!

Kett...yeah, that's Kett.

More pictures of the Uncles.

Uncle Coy held onto the girls for the entire walk back. They loved talking to him!

Making cookies with Grandma! They had been asking for weeks if they were going to make "frosting cookies" with Grandma.


Frosting while the cookies baked!


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Nicki said...

Hooray for The Uncles! (that could be a band name. they should start one) Looks like you had a great time! So glad that they got to come and see you!