Sunday, December 4, 2011

Uncle Paul

We went to Kansas/Oklahoma in August for Paul's family reunion. He is affectionately known as "Uncle Paul". It's not really funny to hear Grace or Spencer call him Uncle Paul. But it is funny to hear his own children refer to him as Uncle Paul the following weeks, if not months after our trip.Seriously, Olivia called him Uncle Paul for the longest time. She doesn't call him that very often anymore, but sometimes when he's teasing her I'll hear her little voice, "Uncle Paul..." It reminds me of when my nephew would call his dad "Bill"--his name is Adam. Anderson was about 2 and a half and everything was, "Bill's home", "Bill's truck", "Bill's pizza". The funny part was that Adam, a super nice, easy-going guy just went right along with it. He didn't seem to mind that his son call him Bill. Our kids sometimes call Paul by his first name..and I have to admit that it's pretty funny sometimes to hear Ewan calling for Paul while he's in the bathroom! Anyway, it got to the point where my sister was calling Adam "Bill". I don't think any of their other kids called him Bill...Olivia seems to be that child in our family. Maybe it's an oldest child thing, I'm not sure. She's always coming up with pretend games and calling everyone something new. Ewan has been calling the twins "Yaya" for a while. He's starting to say Aislee better. And he calls Elin, "Eerwin". Olivia likes being "yaya" some days. Other days she wants to be "Ia". Some days she tells people she's "Aislee". Those are the days when she should probably be in timeout a little more the normal. Aislee is pretty good at just going along with whatever Olivia is pretending. Her latest thing is saying, "I'm little" when asked to do something by herself like take her plate to the sink, pick up her toys, or go to the bathroom. But, when she wants to go outside, or jump of the little table, or have a cookie she's, "...big and strong like Daddy." Kids...! *sigh*

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