Monday, August 1, 2011

Funfilled Weekend

We had a fantastic weekend filled with visitors and get togethers! I didn't take any pictures, pah! Sorry. We had one of my closest friends, Jenni, her husband, Mason and their seven week-old baby Benson come down on Saturday from Mesa. They just moved here after graduating from dental school in Texas. I was a brides-maid at her wedding, and was there in O-chem when she told me she was gonna get a date with the tall, dark and handsome guy a few rows behind us who later became her husband!  It was fun to visit and get to know Benson. He sure is cute! The girls are still talking about "Baby Benson". We were going to go swimming, but the clouds rolled in and it started to pour soon after we got to the pool. We went home, watched some Wallace and Gromit, ate soup, and visited a little while longer. Thanks for coming! We also had a brunch on Sunday with some friends in our neighborhood. We had 16 kids under 10! It was quite the busy household for a few hours, but a lot of fun. We don't get to meet/talk to very many people at church, so we've decided we needed a little social interaction (I decided. Paul let's me). We ate muffins, breakfast casserole, lots of yummy fruit, and just talked. It's always nice to talk to adults. I didn't have to ask any of them if they needed to go potty. It was great! We hope they come again! Here are some pictures of the past couple weeks.

Elin fell asleep while the vacuum was going one evening. She doesn't normally fall asleep by herself.

Sad that this may possibly be the best picture we got...Aislee bumped her head on the couch right before we started taking pictures. She didn't want anyone to see it.

Olivia likes to play "nap time", especially with Elin. I wish she would actually play "nap time" better when it's time to take a nap.

I didn't go running that day, so I was lifting kids up and down instead...Just kidding. Elin laughs when we hold her up like that.

Paul told the kids to tickle me while I was trying to get Elin to laugh.

If you zoom in, you can see her amazing spit bubble, along with a string of drool that landed on my neck.

She's very bright-eyed and happy.

And, extremely easy-going with three older siblings that like her very much!

Olivia, "I do it myself." Those are pants. Paul had to wrestle her to the ground to get her pants on the right way!

Aislee's is striking a pose, and Olivia was explaining to me how that's the right way to wear her pants.

He looks so BIG next to her!


Aimee said...

Your kids are so super cute! Love watching your family grow! You look great too by the way!

The Clark's said...

Elin's getting so big! I need to hold her so I can get my baby fix in! Its sad I don't get to see you guys on Sunday's anymore. So lets set up a playdate!

Lacy in the Sky with Diapers said...

Thank you for the sweet comments! Your fam is sooo cute and you look awesome!! Happy I found your blog! xo

whitney johnson said...

such cute pictures! all your little kiddies are so adorable! if i were a kid i'd definitely want to come to your house to play--looks like so much fun. :) and i'm kind of jealous of elin's yellow polka dot swimsuit in your last post...where can i get myself one of those? :)

Mean Mommy said...

Cute pictures!

I think I'd go with the arm pants. Karen's latest discovery is that underwear on the head is hilarious. :/

Hayley and Dave said...

cute kids molly!

Susan said...

What a fun bunch of kids. It looks like Elin gets well taken care of by her big sibs.