Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Rough Week

This past week has been pretty rough. On Monday, I took the girls with me and my visiting teaching companion to visit some of our ladies. We were gone for several hours! We had some good visits and all the ladies were amazed at how well-behaved the girls were in their seats. It helped that they slept through two of the visits! We got home and our afternoon went just as it normally does; eating, crawling on mommy and messing diapers. Our evening went just as normal. However, around 2am, Olivia started screaming! This was not her normal nightly whines when she loses her pacifier. She was crying like she was really hurt. Paul went in to get her so she wouldn't wake Aislee. He found that she had thrown up! He got her out of the crib, undressed her and wrapped her in a towel. She was still hysterical when he brought her to me. She threw up a few more times into the towel. We got a new towel and she eventually fell asleep for a little while. Olivia would wake up gagging and hacking into the towel followed by screams. I bet the first throwing up experience for anybody is pretty traumatic! Since Paul had to get up pretty early for work and her sporatic outbursts aren't very good for a light sleeper, we went into the living room and lied on the couch. Olivia was finally worn out enough to sleep for three hours straight. Thank goodness Ailsee slept in that morning! The rest of Tuesday was filled with towels on the carpet and Olivia just wanting to be held. Around 4:30pm, three baths, 4 outfits and three loads of laundry, I decided that the girls were just going to spend the rest of the day in their diapers and I was going to be in pajamas! Olivia slept all of Tuesday night on a towel in her crib. The next morning was better for Olivia but not so great for Aislee. Olivia still wanted to be held all day, but Aislee was now lying on towels and crawling into my lap. They were once again either in their diapers or in the tub. Aislee just lied around all day, throwing up and napping. I have never felt so bad for someone in all my life than for my girls and my inability to help. Paul picked up some pedialite for the girls and that's all they could keep down for the next day. Thursday, I got it. They were still sick, but now I wasn't doing so well. I was tempted to have my mom drive nine hours to take care of me! The medication I am for my pregnancy stops me from throwing up, but boy did I want to! Paul was kind enough to pick up Sprite on his way home. By Friday, the girls and I were feeling better. They had started eating more and crawling around like normal. That afternoon, it hit Paul! He came home not feeling so great. Too bad for him, the girls were so excited to see him! They wanted to crawl all over him! Saturday wasn't so bad. The girls were over it and Paul was feeling a little better. We stayed home from Church on Sunday for fear of infecting anyone else. We are all doing much better!


Dana and Michael said...

I am glad you all are feeling better.

Katie said...

Wow, that sounds miserable! I can't believe you're pregnant with baby number 3! That'll be crazy! Haha, my friends in Ogden are doing it, though, and they seem to manage well. It's gotta take a special kind of woman to do it....Congrats!

Hayley and Dave said...

I'm sorry about that, it's never very fun to have the throw-ups. But I'm glad you are feeling better