Sunday, February 8, 2009

Family Pictures

Paul, Aislee, Olivia and Molly

John Burkinshaw, Matt Eve, Benson Richards, Mike Richards, Bryce Wright, Spencer Wright, Jeff Burkinshaw, and Paul Burkinshaw

Emily Burkinshaw, Jenny Burkinshaw, Chelsea Eve, Grace Richards, Molly Burkinshaw, Olivia Burkinshaw, Jessica Richards, Aislee Burkinshaw, Stacey Burkinshaw, Sarah Burkinshaw, Sabrina Richards, Kathleen Wright

Benson Richards, Olivia Burkinshaw, Sabrina Richards, Spencer Wright, Grace Richards, and Aislee Burkinshaw

Benson, Grace, Stacey, Aislee, Olivia, Jeff, Grace and Spencer

Paul, Sarah, Kathleen, Jenny, Jessica, Chelsea, and John

Back row: Matt, Chelsea, Sarah, Jenny, Emily, John
Middle row: Olivia, Paul, Molly, Aislee, Jeff, Stacey, Mike,Grace, Benson, Jessica, Sabrina
Front row: Bryce, Spencer, Kathleen

Back row: Paul, Aislee, Molly, Bryce, Kathleen, Spencer, Jessica, Mike, Chelsea, Olivia, Matt
Front row: Sarah, Grace, Jenny, Benson, Emily, Sabrina, John

Unhappy babies!

Getting situated--we had a spit up incident!


Marissa said...

You guys are adorable! And your little girls eyes are so vibrant! I love it!

Jenni K said...

These pictures are great! Molly I love your yellow shirt and your hair looks so cute in all the pictures. I really like the way you did it...did the headbands work out okay? They look cute on the girls! Is this Paul's parents' home?

May Family said...

What cute pictures! You guys all look so good. The girls are adorable!

Jordan said...

Your girls are beautiful! I'm glad that you are all so happy!